A little bit about Rusty…

Written in March 2022.

I have been working as a developer for over 10 years – less and less over the years to the point now that I have not taken any work for at least six months – not because I have not been approached – in fact, the less available I have become the more pay I have been offered… something worth considering for those who feel half-hearted about their jobs.

I have come to understand a few “secrets” in all that time and thought it might be worth sharing them. They are not really secrets and I am not a marketer trying to reel you in – I am not interested in reeling anyone in – no, I am simply wearing my heretical mask and sharing some personal insights I feel worth sharing. If nothing else this could turn into an entertaining article… but there are no guarantees even of that.

This is not one of those… “you can free yourself overnight with my amazing scheme” rambles. If you were looking for one of those – I offer you my heartfelt best wishes and all the courage you can muster and some good footwear because I found those to be very prickly and thorny paths!

This article has been prodding me for a while to write itself and so, after I received another request through linkedIn today about another web development job I felt it was time to address it. I do not expect much on the outside from writing and posting this article, it is mostly written out of curiosity to see how it might land with different people within my network but mostly to eliminate the building resistance within my own system – you could say it is motivated by untransformed creativity or agitation or pressure…so where and how it lands is not really part of my concern – my only agenda is to give voice to the internal pressure.

I felt change on the wind before the lockdown began and looking back through my history, I have always had my fingers in some scheme or other in an attempt to free myself from “the programme” – everything from gambling bots to crypto! They all provided me with some “wonderful” experiences, to which my friends, family and colleagues could attest 🤭although not all found them as entertaining as the rest. Let’s just say none delivered guaranteed satisfaction; rather they would often end in the guaranteed dissatisfaction and a much lower level of resources!

No… what all those failed schemes taught me had almost nothing to do with creating an external system that would support me endlessly because as I mentioned earlier in this article I have not accepted any paid work for the past six months and have received no income at all during that time… in fact, I am actually still paying off a loan… so there’s more outgoing than incoming and I don’t have anything lined up – some could consider that irresponsible and others might feel it to be brave… But actually, for me, it is the path of least resistance through life… and here lieth the first secret… we are all unique and it is that uniqueness that is our greatest strength! 

Wow great – thanks for that! 🤣 Yes, you might have heard that before but there is so much truth to that statement and if you really took the time to correctly explore it – it could lead you to become the only authority you need in your life. If you believe you already are the only authority in your life you probably haven’t even scratched the surface. An untapped bottomless well of fulfilment lies down there that could transform all the resistance in your life into pure navigation fluid and move you seamlessly through the world in wonder and awe. 

You see, another secret and a little weird to hear perhaps for the first time is that the outside world that you have been trying to manipulate all this time with all that control and order is actually just the feedback for the real controls to your life that are on the inside. The programme has us trying to take control of life by attempting to change the image on the monitor instead of changing the code that actually projects the picture.

So, if you have been fielding thoughts recently about the craziness of the world and what is it all pointing at anyway… (not unheard of) maybe take a few more moments because the programme is coming to an end soon enough and there is a real possibility that you could find yourself hanging onto a rock that is going over a cliff just because it is something to hold onto.

I have spent so much time reading articles posted by people on LinkedIn – in fact not that much time at all – but those relentless little LinkedIn notifications draw me in (just to clear them off) so that one or two get through a month and each time they call me to add a slightly different flavour to the pool that does not simply promote the programme but asks us what happens when our focus falls outside of the programme for a moment… a very very very scary place for the majority of the population on the planet!

Let me be clear – I have found no golden shortcuts promised so often to the naive and gullible amongst us – but I have found an instinctive natural trust that knows there is a more innate way to finding fulfilment in life. It lies pure and untouched beneath that layer of conditioning that has been pining for a way out that formed as protection from the continuous whipping it took from the programme since first drawing breath. When my mind took over my decision making process long ago to align with it – it was mostly out of unconscious reaction and it felt like the only way to survive and it started as a series of bargains struck where my integrity and innate inner knowing were traded for something on the outside that was really shiny! How not to resist? Almost impossible!

And so here lieth another secret and one you may already know but perhaps the most critical of all and that is that the mind is meant for measuring shit – it isn’t meant to make the decisions in our life – our body has always known the best path for us but it’s been relegated – think about it – your body is the most natural part of you there is… but the programme is so very clever – understand that the programme is not bad… – it’s simply our genetics – it is mechanical… born to ensure the continuation of our lines… the preservation of organic data… only our minds have corrupted our decision making process – you see we instantly become guardians of the earth when we allow the intelligence of our bodies to make our decisions but we become parasites of the earth when our decisions are fuelled by our minds alone. 

It really does come down to our decision making process – it is that simple – it’s not about the decisions we make but it’s about how we go about making those decisions. We can learn to allow our bodies – our natural inner authority to make those decisions with its own connected organic intelligence or we can allow our measuring tools to do it for us – it’s a bit like asking your ruler to choose the colour of your walls. Think about it.

There is another way out and it really is quite gentle but it does take some real courage especially at the beginning – if you can get through your first six months of leaving your decisions to your body and not your mind – the results you see in your life will speak for themselves – however it can get very scary because as that conditioning falls away and your mind is no longer acting like the prime-minister, you’ll find you’re beginning to take on the responsibility for your life in a way you could not have previously imagined!

This programme that is so prevalent is coming to an end – you can feel it if you listen deeply enough – in fact it is getting louder and louder so you probably can already sense it within you somewhere… but when we are caught in the current we cannot see anything outside of it – such is the entrained perfection of the programme. But please do understand when I talk about the programme I am not talking about a kabal of overlords ruling the world – although there are certainly a number of privileged people in any hierarchy – they are just as much a part of the programme as the rest of us – there is no fault here or there – we each have the power to become our own authority in our lives – it simply takes a huge dose courage to get started!

One last thing as this is getting a little longer than anticipated – wherever you are meeting resistance in your life – it is feedback because funnily enough life is alive… and we are a part of it’s intelligence – “separation” is a profoundly amazing illusion that contains such awe and wonder that when we begin to let it in – it ends up just moving us into alignment with the whole and we become the passengers we were always meant to be – carried through life. So, when you next find yourself fighting against life which may well be sooner than you’d like – take a moment… take some courage and just feel for it inside because it’s just change waiting to emerge and express itself as the antidote to eliminate that resistance that’s been building – but remember… never make that choice with your mind because that is what got you into the resistance in the first place! 🤣

I guess I might add for context that I have been living off fumes as a house-sitter for the past 6+ years covering my food and travel which has afforded me a great deal of time to contemplate life – a rare luxury in this time of abundance in our collective history; which seems crazy if you take the time to consider it – so that instead of using up my resources paying rent or a mortgage to place a roof over my head as part of the programme, I have been blessed to live in the most wonderful places, exploring some beautiful regions across Europe. I don’t know what’s next most of the time or what could be around the corner but something always appears and when it does it adds another drop into the trickling stream of awe and gratitude for the gift of life!

It is my deep wish for all who come to read this article to experience the magic of life that is offered outside making decisions with our minds!!! Bon courage!!!