A new approach to business: coming to meet…

Whether you believe it or not you will likely have tasted it already – the changes taking place around us now are not accidental and never have they been but there is something different about this period of time: the background frequencies that support our model of engaging with life are moving into a different phase – a phase that is now lending its support to an alternative way of manoeuvring through the world and affecting how we can now prosper in it. 

Past business approaches are beginning to lose their support and any kind of homogenised approaches are starting to crumble under their own weight, as, over the next few years and decades, we will begin to witness they can no longer support the complexity it takes to uphold them; those heavyweight fruits hanging from the topper-most branches will become the battleground for the top 2% to scrap over because they have already effectively eaten into all the fruit from the lower branches sequestering their resources to bolster those growing unquenchable appetites. All systems have finite resources so when they are uncompromisingly challenged and consumed – change and mutation are inevitable and a new order must emerge out of the seeming chaos and this order often requires a quantum shift.

All life is connected and all life is designed to be efficient – which means all symptoms are simply feedback of an underlying cause because no expression, however unusual, can be out of place. When everything is in balance and harmonious, cause and effect are united through their unbroken expression and can be tracked with clarity and simplicity – all waves emanate from a source no matter how much interference is placed in their way.

As we witness the divide growing between the rich and the poor we may also begin to notice an empty hollow feeling filling up that divide and the bellies of those who continue to operate through the old models of competition and division because more will not satisfy the increasing cravings and only leave them hungrier. 

This growing divide may sound like old news to some but it no less pertains to all caught within the system. No one is outside the system, everyone from those at the very top through to all those at the very bottom are involved because although it may appear that those at the top are the ones benefiting externally they will be suffering proportionally within. A hollow emptiness that cannot be satisfied only fuels a greater appetite leading to an unspoken aloneness and separation.

And, those in the middle of the spectrum will be pulled down further into the have-nots as the system continues its trajectory of self-implosion as the old model becomes less and less sustainable. Greed, if left unchecked will consume itself. Now is a time when balance is being restored from cycles that began a long way back and are only now coming to a close.

This is not the fault of any one person no matter how it may appear; blame is becoming a voice that can no longer satisfy its old master. We are moving into a time that has been coming since the cycles of dominance began – but it is not in the future anymore – it is here and our actions carry significant opportunities during this shift. So much so that if there is enough openness to receive this new way of experiencing the world we can find satisfaction and success by simply letting go of the old ways. 

It is this simple and yet at the same time – that is perhaps the hardest thing for our mind to do – but it is so easy for our body to do because “easy really is right!”

And, something so critical and inviting about this new model is that it really does not rely upon anyone else. Following it with enough lightness and commitment will empower anyone to become their own authority so they have no need of support beyond that which comes as part of their unique journey into expressing their true nature. 

What is needed will show up in life as if by magic – (not Amazon) as it will come from a place of feeling connected to life, not separate from it. When we begin to operate from our own bodily authority life comes alive within us and thrives around us.

The time of tribal support is waning and relying on others to keep the genes flowing is no longer an important part of the global programme and this is why larger support systems are beginning to crumble around us – they will have their death throes and as they enact the final rebalancing of resistances between the new emerging mutations and the past ways an emerging support for individual expression will begin to come alive.

So, there is no mandate to do anything now – there are no rules other than to live from where we are and face the world with self-honesty – this is where sanctuary lies. The mental plane is full of anxiety and escapism and it will not, nor can it offer rest from the charge associated with our current actions in the world at this time – making further decisions with the mind will only fuel the fire of despair. 

Those charges carried by the mind can only be discharged through feeling our underlying motives and what brought them into being as we offer them up to the light of awareness. Feeling our underlying motives can reveal our reactions without the compulsion to act them out thereby discharging the charge our minds installed that originally instilled the compulsion to act so we can begin to deal with whatever faced us at the time we chose to act with our mind alone.

Another new emerging change offered us is a way to celebrate every single person as a unique value and resource on this planet. We are moving into a time when uniqueness can truly be embraced without planning or strategy – because if we let go enough we will find we all fit into a higher geometry (not attached to the mind) that fertilises our nature to thrive under any conditions, exactly like the self-organising principles that underlie all life and death processes. 

Our body is organic – interdependent –  it has an innate intelligence way beyond the current limitations of our mind and there are pragmatic ways to reinstate this intelligence as our authority. As soon as we begin to make decisions outside our minds letting the natural mechanics of life thrive through us, we can be guided into situations, groups and people that align us with our unique gifts and their continued flowering. 

It is a very different path as we can only navigate it by letting go of our need to control our direction of travel – it can be very scary and takes great courage to follow but the rewards are beyond words and they are undeniable to those who have the motivation to play their way through life rather than rely on their old conditioned way to scrape through it. One approach is quantum and the other approach is linear. In the quantum realm, choices become choice-less because all other possibilities collapse. The body’s intelligence is quantum so when it takes care of our navigation through life – the only choice becomes whether to relinquish the control of the mind or not.

The Beyondables or Olot is an emerging organic field that is flowing out of this new energy and all those who are involved in the projects are finding themselves very inspired by the synchronicities that are taking place and yet they also arise out of mundane moments. It does not mean that our minds have found rest – it simply means they no longer lead the decision making process.

It is so much less about planning and strategising and more about waiting to see what will emerge next, witnessing the beauty of the natural laws of magnetism going to work to reveal the next step along the path and with it a group embodiment through challenging us as individuals to speak up and express through an empowered voice that carries less and less agenda and more and more wonder. 

It is a deeply holistic and mystical approach to business that relies upon self-enquiry and openness and it is through those inner avenues that the new comes in – growing from beneath the line like a root system joining us all in a growing and emerging group enterprise that no one will ever have a full picture of because it can never be complete even though it delivers an inner feeling of wholeness. Once tasted – it becomes almost impossible to return to the old way for long… you have been warned! Do you dare to join us and find out more?

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