Questions of change: inspired by an emerging Community in Olot, Spain

I recently came across a community that is emerging in Olot, a Catalan community close to the Pyrenees near the East Coast Of northern Spain within a stone throw of the French border. What they were describing sounded familiar and it was not the words they used it was the lack of agenda that really drew me in… and it occurred to me that over the years I have always held a vision of a network such as they describe but never knew how it might come about – I have always felt it is possible – but I could never see the steps to manifest it within the restrictions of the world in which I found myself.

Much of my journey has taken place on the French side of the Pyrenees working mostly internally fighting my way through the internal terrain of formulating opinions and ideas about what life was all about and dreaming about building such a community – but communities such as this one it feels to me are never created – it pools in a particular place at a particular time and there isn’t even any good nor bad, right or wrong about that… it simply aligns and we navigate to it from within – drawn by a natural magnetism… it can’t really be described beyond that – it could be clothed in labels and smart suits but it could equally arrive naked and worn through; rags and ditches.

It feels like an energetic grail of ripening intent that was sown in this same cycle from a different age and it appears not to be about declaring any bold necessities nor requirements to be fulfilled – rather it simply feels like a place of nurturing a new art of listening to those movements beneath the line that align us into geometries of completing cycles. I was inspired to post and record the following piece of writing this morning as a gesture to the spirit I felt emanating from ffmovement and I offer deep thanks and gratitude to everyone who has been a part of bringing it to life!!! 


“So there is magic in the world… only it is not the magic of fairytales and folklore because that is the magic of a past age and although it was true of its time the magic in the world has changed and mutated through years of gruelling repression… it has sweetened the seed that was planted long ago by those who carried the wish to explore without a need for laws to carry the magic – no more circles drawn in the sand with chalk and fiery will – no – this new lore has opened us up into an age of unique adventure tailored from within – it is already primed in each of us awaiting our unraveling to explore the relationship of our own resistances that prevent us from believing in the possibility that we are all already living out the perfection of our own inherent lack of trust in the world around us.

This is no new-age sentiment garnered with deceitfully eclipsed self-fulfilment trapping us into the acquisition of possessive motives and tripping us over the confusion of our separated desires. NO – this is simply a realignment to a way of being that rests upon the aliveness of reality as a truly direct and responsive reflection of our own divinity. There is no end and there is no attainment – there are only cycles of experience… 

Logical ones that diligently repeat a skill, mastering a penetrative depth that eventually strikes into the bed of love within and beneath all things… tapping into the beauty within all form and all experience within form… once tapped – these melodies will sing and play out through the rich endless seam from which they are sourced bringing undeniable beauty into the world and lighting up the skies with awe, inspiration and wonder.

Not to be forgotten there are also abstract cycles that carry us into exploring what is unknown to us that we wish to know with our full being so that we might uncover and reveal that magic of bringing the unknown into form through accepting unreservedly the limitations of our current feelings without any need to wander from the natural uniqueness of our own perspective for it is through honouring the presence of our deepest feelings and accepting our resistant resistances that we wrap the unconscious with consciousness through the light of awareness and bare those hidden secrets of the unknown as they reveal themselves through our natural embodiment and we turn toward life no longer caught in the external display of attempting to control ourselves or our desires through grasping or running away from the world of effects… 

Instead, we come to discern through experience that the surface display is joined through a magical line to our deeper feelings and this awareness simply melts our separation as we come to meet our desires way before their manifestation back at the dawn of their inception… and through seeing the seed of cause pass above the line into our world of senses above – we no longer feel the need to control appearances… as we recognise there is an order that aligns our deepest wishes that grows from our nurturing awareness and brings any cycle to full fulfilment… 

And all along the way something incredible happens… we begin to develop an undying trust in the world of form that encourages us to recognise ourselves reflected back in our outer encounters; we fruit and flower, coming to know with more precision the union of all the chemistries that bind us through life, death and rebirth are scented with a unique and single taste – meeting us from within with overwhelming waves of gratitude and refined notes of purity as we discover the simple miracle of who and when we are in each moment of knowing we are alive… recognising ourselves as abundantly generous designs so perfect and freely given; we come to this experience  knowing that nothing outside us hasn’t first emanated from within us joined to the world of form through our abundant feelings… now, of ecstasy and joy… so euphoric that it need not be stated – our chemistry ensures no doubt remains: and we come to know with full embodiment that when we taste love it is unmistakably clear and unique and if you’re lucky enough it stays clear and unique for evermore!”

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