Book a Personal Reading

You would need to provide me with... and accuracy is important!

  • Birth-time (as close as you can get to the second if you know it – most people don’t! The more accurate the better in this case!)
  • Birthdate 
  • Place of Birth 
  • Your question.

I can then use your profiles to tailor an answer. Along with that I will send you your Human Design and Gene Keys charts.

There are three options to answering your question. When you click on the Booking Button you will be redirected to Paypal to pay for your session. After paying you should be redirected to a page to fill out your details.

Please remember to take a note of your Paypal Transaction ID because it will be needed to match up to your purchase*.

*If you have trouble you can always message me.

OPTION 1: The Taster Reading – £45

If you feel a little tentative but want to just test the waters – I can record an audio message that includes some information based on your chart to see if it resonates. This would usually be about 10-15 minutes of recording. It is a simple overview that I can pick up from just looking at your charts without diving too deep.

OPTION 2: The Clarity Reading

Introductory discount £150 (normally £250)

This is an in-depth look at your charts in relation to your question. You will receive a 45+ minute audio message that highlights the key aspects that I recognise in your chart. Each reading is unique. This usually takes a good day or two of researching to really soak you in before recording the message. It will include the key aspects such as strategy and authority but will also include information about where you really get your life force from – where that uniqueness sits in your chart and how to look out for those conditioned aspects. It will also suggest what is not good for you to be doing and most likely conditioned behaviour to watch out for.

OPTION 3: The Navigation Kit – £ 345

This is a Clarity Session but it also includes a Request Session.

A request session is a 30-45 minute follow up over Zoom that will take place no less than one month after you receive your Clarity session because by then you will have had the chance to take it in. You can choose to request that session anytime up to six months after the reading.