The CEDE project arouses out of the rich fertile soil cultivated by another project: that has since passed into its death cycle.

A wonderful project whose aims were to promote diversity and inclusion across the globe through a mosaical blend of art and awareness, offering a voice to the unspoken feelings we share as humanity.

The concept was a simple one. An artist (the originator) created a painting or a drawing or some form of artwork based upon the concept/contemplation “i am here”.

They accompanied their artwork with a statement about their inspiration for the piece as well as a name, date and location and then released their creation into a pool for other resonant artists to use as a template upon which to add their own skin of inscription.

Moved enough to pluck the piece from the pool, the receptive artist would add a fresh layer of inspiration with an accompanying statement about their own reflections before dropping it back into the growing swell of group expressions – lengthening its unwritten journey into a collaborative and deeply creative narrative.

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