Contemplation: mechanics of the Fates…

I wanted to share some mumblings as a reflection of sorts to a what a fellow companion, Adam Black beautifully exposed to us about the magnetic turning around a central core during an eight-week delta flight. He is studying astro-physics and quantum physics and it spoke to me of the power of the 15th gene key (the aura) as well as the fates of the 30th gene key (its double if you like)… but there are no promises there will be any coherence to it! 🤪

The way Adam described the force/impulse and speed of velocity was so revealing to me about the nature of agenda/intention and alchemy. That magnetic coupling of the perpendicular force is as good a reason as any to account for the lack of straight lines in nature – straight lines being an invention of the mind to take shortcuts and pictures. 

Those straight lines are like the lines of gravity – but even the lines of gravity are said to bend in places and so it makes me ponder – are the electric forces (straight lines between two points possible due to the aether) that make up the mental frequencies of light… a way for the aether to birth itself into something fresh and new? 

Thoughts arise from and fall back into emptiness; the aether, almost like the surf on the ocean… but occasionally perhaps they may have enough escape velocity to hold their shape for a moment and linger – giving them just enough time to be recognised and picked up from the field where they look for traction into the world of form.

When they are recognised – they begin a journey like a water droplet that falls from the heavens and picks up mass as it moves through the cycle(s)… joining with other rivulets into a manifesting form of matter… there is no direct route for a thought to reach manifestation for it too is subject to the laws of gravity and magnetism and so it must pass through the dance of change and mutation but always it carries its blueprint and this is the alchemical nature of transformation… that initial spark that found traction must be housed in a hermetic seal to protect it like a seed in its casing until it has developed enough charge to enter the world of form in its own right… 

Our identity and ego make wonderful chambers for this manifestation into form because they are sticky and have the nutrients to feed and house the blueprint of the thought… – the only trouble is… because they are so sticky they catch so many seeds in the wind that it all gets a bit gunky and nothing really ever receives the full nourishment it could from the ego or the nurture from the identity that they might provide as a catalyst and instead corruption is usually the outcome but really it is just a lot of wonky weedy underrepresented and lost thoughts competing with each other to be fed by the light.

Those fates are the aether and the interconnected natural energies provided by nature to generate the impulse required to move into a spiral – without them there is no way to draw them into a spiral. Because everything has a magnetic aura… if you truly wanted to manifest a cup sitting on a table in Bombay in a market stall – there is a way to bring it to you but it must be understood that it can never take place directly using straight lines – the closest thing in nature to a straight line is a cycle on repeat… if it has repeated enough times – it is possible for the object to pass like a wormhole through the fates… only because it has been established over so many iterations and even that is never stable as it will lead to a mutation. And perhaps that is a function of wormholes – to hold enough stability for an “electric” mutation to occur – a birth channel of the aether itself… and it makes me wonder if the maia is not the amniotic sac of the dreamtime as we all await the big event to reach inception… the delights of fantasy and imagination!

And so …in magical circles – the use of thought forms to bring about change and manifestation is not so far-fetched but it needs to be understood that if the agenda is unclean – then it will birth the weeds along with the pearl. In that sense the cleanest form of magic has no agenda and arises spontaneously in every moment – it is simply the birthing of past karma – we always have access to this… and this is where we find ourselves… when that comes to an end – we hit the eschaton…!

I felt as a delta, we were in some way polishing the lense of cleaning up a tiny portion of the muck that had accumulated around our individual and collective centres so that in some magical way it brought us to “see” beneath our individual and collective experience how transformative and responsive life can really be when we simply let it play out without interference and we always have the option to amplify it with honesty.

Thank you so much to everyone who flew in formation during our delta for their authentic shares throughout; they contained so much humour, bravery and vulnerability in equal measure and they never failed to lift me up! With deep gratitude to you all!

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