A question of cycles: start from where you are…

  • Is it possible to create a game without any rules? 
  • Aren’t all games defined by their rules? 
  • If there were no rules – could it in fact be called a game?
  • Aren’t the rules the key ingredient that make the game fun to play and master?
  • Change the rules and you change the game.
  • How many times do you have to change the head and the stem of an axe before it can be called new – is it only when they are both changed together?

There is probably a rule or a law that states the impossibility of fully mapping a system within an existing system – an author friend of mine has been writing a world into existence for the past 21+ years and was constantly bumping into the paradox of creating a new simulation within an existing simulation that seamlessly simulated the outer simulation – the same paradox is explored in the TV series: Westworld… and runs through many of the great science fiction epics!

The Pearl Sequence within the Gene Keys has this paradox as its source code.

No matter how far you elaborate the construct the merge points are never going to be seamless… because we are already in the game! The game is life and it is already playing out – cliché – but ever more real when you begin to really play it with abandon (without agenda)… and until our cycle of life comes to an end we are programmed to poke our way out or through it but it does not have to be with the intellect alone because that will never get us there. The intellect mostly runs on logic and logic is eclipsed by the cycle it is in – it only considers life as it does not have access to the death part of the cycle – which is the part of the cycle that created the seed of the current life cycle and will create the seed to the next life cycle. 

The rules are created in death and life is where we get to play them out.

If you have the mind and the time to contemplate some of these questions they can take you out of time into surrender like some zen koan… eventually you might come to understand the zero point experientially without the mind where the magical happens – and through an invisible portal something opens from another system somehow circumventing the boundaries of the current system from within and the only possible result is that the current system has to expand to accommodate and align with the opening and so the laws begin to seamlessly bend into a new position and alignment.There are many words for it and some common ones are mutation, creativity, chaos, freshness and newness. In human design this is the formatting energy of the individual channel that runs from the root centre into the sacral centre – the channel of mutation 60-3!

This is not logic – logic can only stretch so far – if the world was a purely logical one there could be no mutation and nothing would change. It is said that in a previous age of myths in the Garden of Eden – everything was aligned and perfect but that compromised the possibility of mutation and so along came the trixy serpent (the paradox) to mix things up a bit…There could be no possibility of magic without change. Movement is illusion and until it is lived out experientially it will never make much sense – it is the same for any thing in this life – we truly have to embody the words – the Maia in form – before it unlocks itself to us and then the knowledge begins to grow out of us because we have recognised the components beneath the line before they manifest in the world around us… this recognition is the the hallmark of awareness and awareness is the cream of living – it fuels awe and gratitude resulting in the ecstasy of simply being alive in form in the precise part of the cycle(s) we find ourselves in …in the moment. 

The torus as a mathematical anomaly feels the closest representation of mutation in action – it does not work through the binary of oppositions – it comes through an altogether different dimensionality – it maps infinity through a different filter and it is that filter that is currently mutating through the solar-plex centre of humanity – through bringing those opposites into balance – the zero point is met like a see-saw; the extremes are lived out and collapse when the see-saw is at its widest point – and what do they collapse into – the previous cycle – like a bubble within a bubble within a bubble – the inner bubble pops and leaves us within the clear and new perspective of the outer bubble that was containing the inner bubble. I posit those bubbles of experience are created during our death cycles and hatch during our life cycle.

It is impossible to map the infinite with the finite – you simply get an infinite Error. This is the mind trying to work it out alone without taking into consideration the larger part of ourselves that is the body’s innate intelligence of form that is always directly connected to the whole cosmos. Ha ha – we find ourselves adrift as an island unaware that we could not be an island without the waters surrounding us. 

We are already in a cycle; we are already in lots of cycles – from mini tiny ones to great epochs and each cycle has its own frequency which in some sense determines the cycles length and the length determines the frequency but the length is not determined by time alone – it is determined by resistance. Without resistance there is no time. Everything is made up of cycles; cycles of expanding and contracting resistances and it is our form that allows us to feel resistance and through resistance we come to experience time – our form determines how we filter those resistances; in human form, we get to play within human boundaries and perceptions – the game board of a human experience.

There is a rule – one rule that rules them all

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

A ring is a cycle in form.

I posit that the one rule that rules them all is the decision to enter into or not a cycle. That is the fractal repeating rule through all navigation and orientation through the moving – through all games, all lives and all cycles

The “decision” is touted as being connected to free-will and in that sense it does determine our path and what we come to experience – are we tuned into our shorter eclipsed cycles or are we tuned into a wider vista that invites in more awareness and the possibility of change and magic?

I feel that Human Design at its root is a tool that can help us navigate our life cycle through making decisions that align us into growing what we seeded during our last death cycle – the more we relax into our uniqueness the more newness and freshness will come through us into the game of life and the world will have to expand to accommodate our emergent mutative beauty!

Ha har!!! – the key to awareness is lightness in all things!!!

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