Drinking in Eternity…

Life is a funny old thing – it cannot be separated from death as much as we try to detach and distract ourselves from it. Religion and spirituality have their roots deep beneath the line in a need to understand or come to some resolution about the point of life and throughout history this unknown has flavoured our lives and our cultures. A greater portion of our authority has been sunk into the prevailing beliefs of our cultures concerning death and they have not always favoured a happy ending constructing all sorts of dark fear frameworks in order to use death as a controlling force rather than a liberating one.

You could see those beliefs about life and death as unwritten and unseen forces that glue our lives together creating boundaries that superficially cut us off from our greater environment – that of the cosmos itself. Life and death are made up of planes and those planes are separated by borders and boundaries. Just as cells require walls in order to regulate the flow – so does the whole cosmos – and these planes have cycles – whereby they move from different frequencies of motion and direction at differing speeds. These formulate into bands that are continuous: there are moments when they are visible and some when they are not – but they are continuous and they depend upon the form perception as to what is being filtered. A fly filters the world in a very different way to a whale and this comes down to the form principle. All is simply the witnessing and non-witnessing of experience in all its richness and variety. The more variation there is – the deeper the depths of experience become.

Nothing can exist without an environment: all forms are surrounded at all times by other forms encompassing all bands of frequency from the nano and beyond all the way up to the macro and beyond: there are those that we can witness and perceive with our five senses and others that we cannot. There are others we have learned to perceive with external tools reaching into extended frequency bands and others that were innate within us that we have learned to filter out through inherited conditioning. And then there are those that neither our form nor our tools can register because the forces are outside our awareness altogether – but the underlying principle here is that our forms define our boundaries in more ways than just our skin and actually are the root of our perception.

The intelligence behind our forms is so vast and complex the mind cannot possibly comprehend it’s totality – it is like those numbers that are so big they lose their significance – consider them the boundaries of the minds and our minds are an extension of the form intelligence that wishes to know itself in ever more complexity and realise unrealised experience. So we cannot be separated from the objects making up our environments or the “space” that surrounds those objects because there is an invisible relationship that weaves together all things – the 10,000 things: each consistently affects the other across the whole gamut of experience.

Planes, bands and frequencies that run through all forms linking the form into the formless – not separating from it and we have been granted the technology to discern certain frequencies and pull them into patterns that make up the world we witness. This is the maia. Our bodies map these objects in space picking up their motion and speed into patterns that have denoted labels through our languages – these include objects such as trees but they also include emotions and felt senses. These feelings have their own journey from the formless into form and back again – the same way thoughts do and the same way that matter does. Each follows a cycle… some are instantaneous and others are drawn out over aeons. These are the various planes and frequencies that make up the infinite beauty of our experiences – and it is our forms that grant us this outstanding opportunity to experience life as it is – a miracle of the highest order! Receive that statement fully and you will be bathed in awe and wonder!

The invisible realms – those without form have no time until they cross the line into form and matter – when they do – suddenly they matter and they become imbued with a reflective consciousness that is physically separate – having been packaged through the passage of timelessness constructed from passing through eternity as an idea that we come to witness as the vision before us unravelling itself though the life part of its cycle – it becomes that idea in form being witnessed. In death it disperses back into the eternity of source – in life we get to witness the miracle of a separated universe working holistically together through the quantum function of perception and that which allows for the very real nature of magic in life.

Every cell in our body lives and dies in great numbers: this is the environment of form uniquely imprinting us with the self-reflected consciousness that we are in form. Each cell vibrates at its own frequency and follows its own pattern of imprinting – we are in touch with the dying process every time a cell dies and another is reborn cycling and recycling us into eternity moment by moment allowing our body the opportunity to decant the ocean of consciousness into the vision and experience of our form perception.

We are what we think but that is only a tiny fraction of what we are: our thoughts are simply objects within the environment of our feelings expressing themselves at a slightly different frequency within the composite reflecting our continuous interaction with our environment. We are a map of our observed experience reflecting itself in the frequency of the mental realm but we do not end there. Thoughts have a timeframe and it we don’t hold onto them they pass away, they are fleeting – they have their own geometry that is tied to the geometries within our form – within our feelings – all of these are connected and we have – in being taught through our homogenised upbringing to witness the world of form in a singular fashion (through the mind disconnected from the innate intelligence of the body) and in doing so we have lost access to the “glamour” that surrounds all form – the magic that connects the form to the formless – the mutative potential of creation itself.

So how do we recognise this – it is all well and good saying that time does not exist when you’re dead but what is being suggested here is that we still have access to that ocean of eternity while we are alive – how do we drill down into the depths of that purpose that is our heritage: bringing the idea of our idealised self into form with all its many beautiful nuances and reflections and truly birth it from beneath the line and nurture it through life? How can we access that? How can we plunge into and imbibe deeply from this mysterious source and unravel it around us and within us?

The mind is a wonderful tool – a truly beautiful tool that allows us to witness this reality that we are in – this experience of being conscious in form – it defines linear time and it sets up certain filters that are the boundaries of our perception – but none of these boundaries are permanent – they carry within them the ancient pathway that sustains them leading back to their very inception – like a chance ribbon that led to the moment of being born to the parents we were born to in the moment and place we were born into and everything in between that leading up to hearing these words – a deep and vast dependant origination that journeys all the way back to the big bang and that which pro-ceded it – this is the mutative intelligence of form and we are a product of it experiencing itself. All those decisions that led up to this moment were carried by the form principle and our thoughts are existential offshoots of that chain. They register within us a potential but in order to birth themselves is not a matter of acting upon them but rather a witnessing of them as they travel through the growth of the form through an embodiment of awareness – it is awareness that fertilises idea into form… feeding them beneath the line without attempting to control them until they are ready to form themselves in a natural alignment with the greater forces within the other planes. When we grasp too tightly we disperse the potential from a nurturing force leaking the possibility of what could be into a reflection of what is out of alignment – that we experience as our suffering.

There are rules of our reality that interpret our interpretations, inherited and built upon our shared experiential journeys in form that have resulted in the “maia” that we experience as a solid reality and although it appears vastly important and serious at times to our minds it is simply the reflection of previous cycles of foundation of our collective experience. We have the power to create in form and deep down we also know unequivocally that nothing lasts in form – all form moves from a point of full generation to full deterioration before starting again. This is the wheel of life and death.

All rules are simply temporal conditions – they are the manifestation of past conditioning – they condition what we share between us as reality and they condition what supports us in form. They have many nuances and there are many streams that we can voyage upon through our conditioning – our bodies inherently have an intelligence within them that is built to navigate these streams for our highest expression and that highest expression does not always align with what our mind thinks might be the best direction. Form intelligence carries the magic of creation – the mind carries the witnessing capability of experiencing self-reflected reality in form.

What minds are great for is conditioning others and offering them access to their own inner form-intelligence and authority by reflecting upon what is received – the body will respond in its own way to outer authority and the more we aware we are of those internal cues the easier we find it is to navigate the world if we follow that intelligence to make our decisions.

Our minds are pretty useless for our own navigation through our conditioning – that is the realm of the body – the body is like the bottom of the boat that is always in touch with the waters of life and our mind might be compared to the light that ignites the passion and the feeling we receive through interacting with our surroundings – it lights up the world of form. A torch will expose that area that it is directed to but the torch itself is not really meant for choosing the direction – it is a tool that allows the form to reflect its reality – hence self-reflected consciousness – that is what our human bodies afford us – this is the light of the human mind. When we simply witness with the mind – the light grows and shines less as a spotlight (fire) and more like a sun (heaven) that lights up the whole surroundings.

Fire burns and light reflects – and our ideas are what shape the form – they come through the mind revealing themselves in the gaps of stillness that weave eternity into form. Fire clings to what it burns until there is nothing left dispersing into the invisible again – releasing form back outside of time into the formless. Water gives life to form – unpacking the seed from the invisible into the great and mighty oak.

Fire also mutates the form – just as water grows the form – from a seed – from an idea already held in code. These two together have their place upon the wheel of life and death and we can witness them all around us daily if we take the time to shine our awareness upon them. Awareness is the blossoming of the light and the source of our understanding that surpasses death and carries us into our highest frequency. The more we amass awareness the richer life becomes and the deeper it reveals itself to us beneath the line – it allows us to witness the greater cycles at work. When the mind is passive and swathed in stillness – it can see into the formless through witnessing the form – this is the nature of awareness – it effectively balances the rhythmic charges that underlie all cycles infusing the object with its environment – the invisible interchange taking place behind and between all things.

So – there is already a plan at work – an idea that each and everyone one of us alive holds within us as a seed and in order to fulfil it – all we need to do is cede our desire to navigate the life with our minds and rather let life come to us – let life breathe through us. We don’t actually need to do anything – because when we leave the body to inform us we come to know and embody that intelligence that operates through our cells and keeps our heart beating and our lungs breathing – and although it may form in our minds at some point – it only happens after the conditions are aligned within our body and only then do those signals form a pattern within our minds that we might recognise. 

When we can let go and pass through impossible situations (within the mind)… we give back authority to our bodies innate intelligence and through doing so we cede another element of our own embodiment and uniqueness – because when that thing that seems impossible takes place – it transforms those elements within us that have sought alignment for so long into something altogether unique and its realisation creates a new environment around us because suddenly our filters that witness what we experience as reality shift – and through the embodiment of that process – our cells have changed, our chemistry has changed and suddenly we are filtering a different frequency of the same world. 

So, in order to change the world – truly all you need to do is cede yourself – cede your need to control life and let it emerge naturally and dive deeper into the richness of the impossibility that only pure surrender can offer. It is not a case of just throwing yourself off a cliff and hoping you might fly – that’s the mind because the body has to believe it is possible for it to work as the result of a nurturing process that has moved through the form. Your reality is reflected through your form principle – it is the frequency of your form that creates your reality. So by all means – hold beneath the line the possibility of that experience as becoming a reality but then it is a matter of waiting for it to appear naturally and there will be no force when it actually happens. This is nurturing without action – it is openness and gentleness and allowing – the conditions for it to become realised. It may take lifetimes or you come back as a bird! Ha har! With belief anything is possible – but it is not possible until the form believes it – embodied belief is undeniable and surmounts all doubt!

So the next time you find yourself in a situation whereby you feel you have to do something – and your mind is telling you to do it… take a moment to listen to your body – is it contracting…? What is your body telling you? Is it telling you to say no? Is your mind and your conditioning about what other people might think are interfering with what your body is trying to tell you? Watch these spaces and rest within them – muster awareness whenever you can – that is passive action of witnessing instead of acting. Everything is impermanent and that includes uncomfortable feelings and they are likely only uncomfortable because they are not aligned to your uniqueness – but remember they are impermanent – but the more deeply you feel into them without attachment – the quicker they will dissolve. 

If you truly learn to embody life you will come to experience with more and more clarity that there are moments of certainty way beyond the mind – a knowing accessible to everyone – that are products of coming into alignment with your form-intelligence. The mind may try to intercept – just watch all of it and the witnessing will eventually untangle all the knots of conditioning – until the conditioning becomes your very tool of creativity in the deepest sense of the word.

So, open yourself and be ready to the possibilities that these moments are opportunities for growth – to cede a little more of your mind and grow a little more embodied awareness. Instead of burning away your resources with fire – allow heaven to enter earth because the nature of reality is that every moment carries the potential to step up the frequency of your body through letting go of the same continuous insistence of control about what life is all about – this is the nature of karma – if you continuously believe the same thing – that same thing will continue to solidify as a part of your reality – but if in fact your unique expression is not to experience that reality – it is a conditioned imposed reality that you are holding onto with your mind and so the belief is not embodied – then it is not really yours. 

No – you want to nurture the conditions beneath the line that allow you to truly cede your uniqueness and when you do you will be recognised for it. Suffering is simply feedback that you’re not living out that seed of uniqueness that has spent eternity formulating itself and it is highlighting where you may have gone wrong! Life is more intelligent than you can possibly imagine – you can never truly forget it because it’s in your body!

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