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Modern-day business is driven by the economy. To enter the world of business you don’t get far without a business plan and a key measurable to a business plan is profit.

CEDE asks: Should investment and success be measured by profits?

If you walk down the street of “modern economic business” with a heartfelt idea without a profit model you will find an avenue of closed doors.

If you redraw your heartfelt idea to include a profit-model, you may find that in time your energy is divested into the profit-model at the expense of your heartfelt idea and you might wonder a little further down the line why it is not fulfilling even if it becomes “successful”?

CEDE is an initiative that desires to explore a new outlook. It asks you what fulfils you in life and what really brings you alive as the first step. What can you see yourself doing that would be so enriching that you wouldn’t mind doing it for free and giving it away without any thought of money.

CEDE asks: Contemplate life without the need for money in it?

Forget about how entrenched you are in the economical model right now and allow some space to contemplate those areas of your life beneath money, where money has no influence and connect with those forgotten seams of enrichment, the ones we enjoyed as children when play was it’s own reward, before the pressure of society and competition pressed in upon us.

And, instead of grafting your passion onto the root stock of economic gain, consider planting a different seed that offers a sweeter fruit. Instead of money, invest in your own heart. Simply put, begin with the love of what you do.

We want to explore the power of the collective and how our heartfelt creations influence others without any agenda other than the beauty you get from creating and sharing the experience. Each creation you cede to the collective will begin its own journey of transformation along with your own.

It requires a leap of faith! If you create from your heart and for the benefit of others, your audience will find you and they will support you because they will love what you do.

We currently live in a world driven by an economic model but there is no reason to tie everything we do to it. Life is all about change and mutation and creativity… there is no reason it should always follow the same pattern just because it always has done. That leads to stagnancy and death.

Do you feel a calling within you to express and share something for the sole benefit of the collective because you know deep down that there’s a tiny chance that it might make a huge difference to someone you’ve never met?

If you do, please get in touch and we shall let you know more just as soon as we do!

Email: with the subject line: “sucede”.

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