CEDE is about group transformation through ceding seeds of creativity, using three steps: Contemplation, Expression and Dedition with the potential to yield an optional fourth step of Enrichment.


Inbreath. The first act asks the participant to take in and receive the world around them through the lens of a leitmotif. To pause and linger for a moment and gaze gently into their life and explore the patterns of where/how the previous contemplations touch them and how they influence their perspective. It is about locating, uncovering and revealing the expression they wish to share with the collective in the next step.


Outbreath. The second act involves breathing form into their contemplation. By adding a layer to the composition the participant reveals a new facet of the collective perspective; a physical expression of their unique position in all of creation. It encapsulates the individual thoughts, feelings and perceptions that desire to be discharged and released through their original voice, harmonising them with the chorus of voices that have come before and will come after them in the chain of creation.


Breathless. The third act is the seed of collective transformation. It is an act of yielding and surrender. Each contributor enters into the process aware they are contributing to something greater than themselves. By letting go of unique ownership, they let go of their need to hold onto their position – instead they offer it up to serve others.  Each contribution blends and evolves into a gesture of unity and renewal – the circle becomes the spiral. 


The optional fourth step offers the possibility of extracting a yield from the first three steps. It allows for a currency of exchange between the contributors and those wishing to harvest the fruits of their collective expression. In a one-to-one physical chain it results in breaking/stopping the chain. A desire to stop the chain arises from the value of enrichment the individual feels they may derive from doing so. In exchange, they are asked to pay an endowment to the collective for the benefits they will cherish from their contemplative expression.