the story of a hungry mind

Any system is limited. In order to function it requires boundaries; walls that define what’s allowed and what’s not. We live in a world where our scientists have taken this to heart and wield their measuring sticks like magical wands waving definition into reality with unrestrained fervour.

Driven by a deep unresolved need to know, they measure everything they can possibly conceive of with a bewitching conviction that by doing so they will colonise the mysteries of life, seduced by the suspicion that if they can add it to their golden spreadsheet; it’s considered conquered; meaning life can and should now surrender to the commanding mind and capitulate the secrets of the grail to a well-fought and campaigned crusade, unaware they are in fact themselves pawns playing out a dominant myth of our times: that capturing all the pieces on the board wins you the game (through defeating your opponents). 

So, as their measuring sticks get ever finer, more elaborate and ornate, they find themselves approaching the very limits of our “system” discovering chubby uncertainties within their measurements along with unkempt anomalies wandering onto the scene in playful protest against being defined and boxed up into any kind of static system because the edges of reality are bleeding with the magic of creation that cannot be captured by a single system alone and thereby separate us from the others; because reasonably, any language that underlies all systems must necessarily be universal and although it can be measured in the moment, like infinity it cannot be captured nor conquered by numbers alone because it is, by its definition: alive; acausally, animating both observer and observable in equal measure.

The language of infinity lives in our hearts and beats the world into existence with our every breath, not in order to capture all the oxygen in our lungs and convert it to the orthodoxy of carbon dioxide; rather it can equally be expressed as the celebration of a connection between our cells and the air that transforms it into nourishment. Our Story is not defined by measurement alone, its boundaries are the human heart and its process is the alchemy of consciousness. All is meaningless until meaning is married into it.

Cede celebrates a language of expression without fixededness, curious to explore the unprofitable arrangements of measurement, where the human heart thrives, devoted to the creative potential lying in anticipation behind the vulnerable shroud of our guarded, calculating minds.

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