Celebrating Transformation with Lightness?

Is it possible? I would have to say that it is not-negotiable; that is not to say that it is a requirement but awareness has a natural levity to it. In entering into any cycle it is wise to leave all expectations at the threshold and walk with the eyes of a child – that way if we can still reach the end of that cycle without expectations we will not have failed to unearth some mysterious secret hidden behind the invisible layers of life’s skin. 

Likewise, if we are looking for understanding we can never grasp at it because it cannot be held in anything other than an open palm. 

We are asked to wear and embody the patterns of recognition by identifying through the eyes of our experiments and to do that we need to live out who we are but to wear ourselves lightly enough that our skin sheds easily once it has served its purpose; else it may never let us go and we become weighed down and constricted by the heaviness of the matter of who were even as it moves through its decaying cycles.

We want to be lifted up through our awareness, through our understanding into the giddy synchronicities that follow… that confirm our wonder and understanding through embodiment and experience, that recognises… yes: the intelligence of the universe is undeniably moving through us but we can only witness that frequency when we are not lost in the small identity we happen to be wearing on that particular day. 

We are the children we were but their time has come and gone yet we still retain much of their unclosed cycles left open due to the circumstances we did not have the resources to resolve back then; borne of the pain of the fates coupled with the grasping of our minds and emotions of the time. 

Life in its mechanics brings us face to face again and again to similar testing circumstances that elicit those same feelings and again and again and as we react to them, we are unaware that we are grasping them ever tighter into a pattern that will repeat and repeat out of an old duty to a past moment that made us feel less uncomfortable during the passing of those initial moments of fear and anxiety. 

Awareness allows us to pass through that valley of shadows that passed long ago and witness the beautiful seeds waiting to be released into a flame of fertility. If we look close enough with awareness we come to know that those decisions were made with our minds and the split in the sangha of our heart was the moment we learned to navigate and trust in the mind instead of the body.

We are not our past although our past is integral to our present and our futures have a trajectory we cannot guarantee with any certainty beyond the norms we take for granted. Between the past and the future there is magic and it lives in the very moment we find ourselves in at all times – we are never apart from it and it can truly conjure us into the highest states of ecstasy at any moment – all is dependent upon conditions. External conditions are mastered through internal awareness; they are intertwined through the chemistry of perception and awareness is what frees us of our bonds by uniting us with our circumstances through letting go of our insistent need to control the external world and instead become a witness to the intelligence behind it.

How do we do this? The same way we keep breathing – it does us and when we allow it to do us with greater and greater frequency it aligns us to something beyond our identity and beyond our expectations – it aligns us with the natural order of life with an alignment that was designed to flourish and create bounties without compromise. 

There is a design that aligns everything into a perfect geometry, like the coming together of a shattered crystal – it honours every shard and respects every shape that makes up the whole… it is nourished and balanced in every moment by the emptiness we are so conditioned to fear and we are each a part of its living uniqueness; it cannot not respect the values of who we are because that is efficient beyond measure and given the chance it can realign us as true guardians of this planet. 

It is simple and simple is right… when we can truly walk without the strain of carrying the collective burden on our own shoulders and instead offer it up to the collective that was designed to share the weight – the planet will transform with a quickening – taking us with it and catapulting us into the joys of living out our uniqueness!

CEDE is a frequency – it is a frequency that calls anyone who wishes to align with their uniqueness to give it a go; experiment with the magic of life and strike a bargain with the universe however you relate to it. What have you got to lose – only your illusion of control!

But enter it with lightness because then celebration can pour freely even through the most challenging of circumstances and that is usually when it flows strongest. When you come to know the intelligence behind all life experientially as your authority it will carry you further than you ever dreamed possible – and carry us beyond the horizon of what we see as the impossible boundaries of the collective.

Take courage because without it your unique fiery passion will never burn hot enough to slice through all that old conditioning holding you in the heavy cycles of the past. Levity arises through a letting go without expectation or reward, without the need to be anything other than who you are right now and truly accepting the beauty of where it has brought you. You are always standing upon the threshold of change even when you have walked through it countless times – embrace yourself and find the forgiveness to lighten up enough and embrace your uniqueness – it might just take you through the ring of no return!

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