Are you caught in the in-between time?

I am fascinated by the current changes we are witnessing in the world. The speed of change is quite incredible, watching support systems that have been built up over centuries and religions that have grown over millennia beginning their deterioration – these are interesting times. 

The complexity of those systems clearly cannot handle the pace of change. With the advent of the internet the world has mutated at such a rapid pace that it is no longer possible to service the needs of the tribe and individual in the way it once did just twenty linear-years-ago with telephones, phone-books and fax machines only. And this outward appearance is a macro-projection of what is going on inside us at the cellular and smaller scales. The ‘Cross of Planning’ is about to climax and give way to an age of deep individuality; with that comes this growing refusal to work for some tribal or collective setup that no longer makes sense – because the supporting background frequencies will no longer be there to provide that “illusion” of sense. You can see it in the mainstream media – more and more desperate moves to control using these old systems – attempting to prolong the life of a dying carcass rather than accepting the inevitable changes that are occurring.

Copyright is changing, media is changing and long standing systems of support are crumbling. Now is the moment for something original to emerge – something from the “right” and not the strategic “left” that we have been so conditioned by. This strategic “left” will still be with us but it’s dominance is beginning to waver as the “right” begins its slow move back into dominance throughout the Bi-verse – this is only the very beginning – and according to Ra – it is not just a localised phenomena – we are an Ajna centre of a foetus in the womb of the Bi-verse! WTF – doesn’t he just provide us with some wild penetrative inspiration to unlock our concepts of reality.

And as an aside: are you aware the sun is kicking out what appears to be records amounts of data at the moment – blowing away all previous records – if you are not aware of this, maybe look into it. The world is full of signposts if we are open to them.

My own personal take is that our experience of time – how we relate to time is playing a factor already. 

Time as it stands and we currently relate to it – this eternal ticking clock is a deeply “left” phenomena. It is almost the definition of strategy – strategy is deeply based upon the continuance of communication through scale and order. I am not saying that that will suddenly fall away and we will all be tripping our way through life like we are on mushrooms but I do feel that Terence McKenna’s words are already showing significance: 

“It’s gonna get weirder and weirder until it’ll be weird not to talk about how weird it is!”

The Mayans were quite skilled at mapping time and their calendar ended in 2012 if we remember. My concept of time has definitely altered since that period. The dreamscape is a way of getting a feel for what the “right” is… but according to Ra it is about making connections that have no strategic start. Dreams don’t have beginnings – have you ever noticed that – they never start – you just enter into them or become aware of them, aside from the fact that it is not you initiating them anyway… is it? Dreams are weird if you consider them deeply enough and so is life.

A term floated into my awareness the other day: “in-between time” and it was followed by a short few words that attempted to capture its emergence in the moment. It felt related to this sense of the “right” and this mutation of how we experience time. 

Are you caught in the in-between time?

Yes… that’s “right” the in-between time… think about it… it is pressing on you and you aren’t moving anywhere – everything feels static and unmoving and yet everything is shifting all around you but you have no access to it – you can’t impinge on it no matter what you might try – you’re locked in to a kind of stasis that only resolves when you let go and that’s the key you see… because your “eagerness” is what puts the brakes on and contracts everything FROM resolving… so I ask you the question again… are you caught in the in-between time? If you are… move slower than it… it’s the only way out – you have to get behind it… not in front of it… let it move ahead and drop behind… come to a dead stop if you must but don’t try to beat it because it will swallow everything you’ve got… all your energy… you can’t outrun in-between time… you must let it outrun you… it’s the only escape. It is.

So this is this sense of the “right“.

And what prompted this writing was Kyle’s latest newsletter. I love what you are up to Kyle and I am fascinated by your steps and movements, but it was the “job titles” that prompted this post. Those job titles feel “left” and strategic and redundant for the project you are setting up. It feels like it will take you into a loop rather than the almighty mutation that is deserved.

We are in the 1st hexagram right now and the first line states: 

“Creation is independent of will”. 

And why is creation independent of will… a few more of Ra’s words might help us get there, 

“The most important thing for anybody who carries the first gate is the recognition that the first gate does not have to be best. To be best is collective. When there is nothing new, everybody is competing to see who can be best. But when there is something new, no best exists. It is just new. Individuality always brings what is new and as such it cannot lead, it cannot project, it cannot be the witness, and it cannot reflect. It can only live out that nature. That is why, with energy, the potential to manifest inspiration is unlimited because the mutation transcends or can transcend limitation.”

So, Ra – was a strategic being – he was three parts “left” and one part “right“… but he could tap into that “right” and write it out in “left” terms – this was such a beautiful gift and why human design has such a wonderful strategy at its root and why it can be termed a science but he didn’t create it. Originality is always new and incomparable.

So, I write as someone who has already developed a growing fondness for the project and vision that is nurturing. But, deep down I feel that inspiration needs to be the leader and the driver of its evolution and growth and not the old models that we see drowning us in homogenisation and the typical old strategies of roles, job titles and salaries that stifle individuality.

With all the positions being full-time; I can also see how that works in a strategic world because then you can allocate resources etc, blah blah and know you have that, then and when and there and thus… but to truly tap into the source at its root – and invoke originality – from what i have witnessed is that you have to step outside the boundaries through gestures that hold no strategic meaning – the 44… 

“The success of any interaction is based on the absence of any preconditions. There are no preconditions.”

…other than experience itself because when we find a way to let go of the “left” – the “right” connections emerge and expand our awareness of what possibility truly means – remember, the probable universe is finite.

As we learn to play with our inner world and watch what it does in the outer world… we realise through our de-conditioning challenges a most rewarding way to navigate and that way that we navigate was completely invisible to us before – but to get there requires such a leap of faith and commitment in order to slip past all that “leftist” conditioning! 🙂