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Nature is bursting with fractal geometry – you cannot actually get away from it – gaze at something for long enough and patterns appear from the recesses of eternity – stare at a word for long enough and the letters fall apart on the page and soon enough the word can no longer be recognised – something goes to work in the background that is always at work in the background if we pause long enough to tune into its frequency – the great orientor: silence!

Sometimes it’s hard to find that silence, sometimes the waves are lashing at the shore and lashing at the boat and they won’t let up and yet when they’re not lashing we do kind of miss it in a way – don’t we – I guess it might depend upon our type – I am a 51-Clarion so in some sense I thrive among the change and chaos.

Orienting from where you are is such a subtle key and yet it extends outwards into everything we do – the direction of our travel; and, yet it is not just the horizon we are looking at or traversing – we are traversing frequencies; we are bombarded by frequencies consistently even when it’s all calm – they are coming at us – and somewhere we are turning them into reality (in human design – crystals and monopoles) – somewhere the neutrinos – the dark matter becomes the stuff of matter that we tune into in our solid world – we are traversing a frequency and we are holding it all together through our experience – some of these frequencies influence us with such “sirius” weight within our perception – that they form the very boundaries of our experience and perception such as gravity and temperature. And the four elements are another set of frequencies that have such powerful formatting geometry, holding form and matter together. These frequencies and geometries are transcribed as laws and forces within the mind and as mentioned in my last post all laws are made to be broken! 

We live in the maia and it is so easy to forget this fact – that what we are actually experiencing is a quantum of composites. Put two words together or even two sounds together and you change their meaning or their effect – this is our reality – it is only as stable as we individually and collectively make it.

There are creatures like insects and even smaller creatures than insects that live full-lives and cycles outside of our common awareness – sure there are specialists that study them and get into their worlds – trying to penetrate their existence and work them out – find out what makes them tick and at the same time those creatures are reflecting something back to those specialists about their own life in some way and the collective – this is how intelligent and connected life is – awareness receives and attunes to the subtler communication of life and it’s cycles.

Go anywhere on earth and even if it appears infertile – there is a longer cycle at work that is creating abundance – we live in a fertile soup of imagination and awareness! Our world is so fertile in fact that it is “too” easy to get pulled off track into some rich fertile soil to find out that actually once you get caught in it – it may not actually be part of your fractal – you are not fully conditioned to wander this terrain without having to patch and fix things about yourself to remain there and once we enter a cycle – it’s like the door that we wandered into – that fertile patch changes with the seasons and we hit a barren existence soon after the cycle begins and get so pulled into surviving that we forget where the portal was – we so easily forget. And if by chance we are at the right portal when it reopens when the seasons have run their course we might be so busy patching and fixing ourselves that we believe this is our fractal and it is in our best interests to remain here after all we have invested so much in patching and fixing – isn’t it normal for us to patch and fix ourselves all the time to fit in – it becomes our conditioned reality. 

This is conditioning – when that fixing and patching is no longer aligned with our core fractal life does not flow so easily – when we are within our core fractal – it slides in and it slides out of our lives – we don’t feel we need to patch and fix – rather we accept and feel accepted because we feel what we do and value is recognised and we simply know where everything lives and goes and operates: a life of flow. Of course – for some flow might actually feel like moving from place to place and to others it might feel like sitting somewhere where everything comes to them… it’s unique… and it comes down to being in the right place wherein the timing just happens or being in the wrong place at the right time in which case we might have a chance to harvest some awareness and use it to navigate back to our fractal whether that is through movement or not.

Our fractal is always calling us back to it – it is in our body – our body has the same intelligence of magnetic alignment that birds have when they murmurate across the sky together in beautiful patterns – this is the intelligence of the body and what its really really really well designed for is leading us back home through following its decisions and unravelling the seed of our purpose and what lies beneath all of that is trust – in life – it builds trust as you navigate back. It is my supposition that we only get to see half of the cycle through the life part and actually death is where we do all the planning and get all the resources together so that when we flick that domino at the door of life – it is already all lined up to just carry us on a journey of awakening that leads us back to our death at the end – fully satisfied but with so much added awareness for the next ride! Ha ha!

So I sat down to write this morning about how I have come to the end of my reserves of money – that which has sustained me for the last two years of not really working a 9-5 job. I have enough left to get me to my next house sit and a month of living. It has served me well and yet it still leaves me with old debts (cycles) that I need to service etc… When I arrive in France I will begin a five month house-sit and I will be penniless with no income. 

The mind is having a great time or not with this quandary – how to fix this etc… and yet this is it – this is living with trust – this is trusting the body to navigate – strategy and authority. If it all falls apart I will be sure to tell you! But right now this is where I am; all that uncertainty and openness in front of me is space available for the creativity of the universe to fulfil my experience further in some way – whilst experimenting fully committed to trusting the body for navigation – it does not mean certain fears do not come up – but I am seeing them for the conditioning of old cycles that they are… playing out and when they are not engaged with – like thoughts – they simply fade away – there is nothing left to feed them – and I fall back into the wider cycles the ones that link with my core fractal and lead me back to my uniqueness and the trust in life and the body and the experience that life is actually not a shit-show – it is a beautifully orchestrated imaginarium of wonders and delights – but to truly sample its tastiest frequencies – we need to fall back into our original cycle and our original purpose from our original cede and when we nourish that we nourish the whole in mystical ways that draw us even deeper into gratitude for being alive!

So if in the likely event you are facing a similar obstacle in life – I urge you to dig a little deeper into it and feel the possibility of how it is also a great opportunity to try something else if you haven’t already and em-body life by navigating with it!

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