Clarity Readings

What’s being offered?

Human Design is a science and so it is logical that it is taught in a certified way. It breaks down reality and our way of perceiving the world into patterns – but patterns are always subjective. There were different sides to Ra Uru Hu’s teaching, in his earliest years he concentrated upon the science behind it and how it could be delivered through a method – the white side in order to establish its veracity and application.

In the later years as the students advanced – he was then able to begin introducing the mystical side (the grey side) and as I understand it… he was very wary of speaking about those concepts in the earlier days due to how they might be received without that initial foundation having been established – but once it had been… the mystical side naturally emerged and I believe there were even parts that he still never taught publicly before he died.

I am not certified in Human Design or the Gene Keys and I am not here to prove anything despite the logical influence within my design. I am aware that strategic learning is not the only method of learning.

Certification engenders a certain degree of fixedness to it after all its goal is to standardise a method – however, in a world of opposites – that also brings certain homogenised conditioning and reduces variety and freshness – look at the scientific world and how difficult it is to introduce new theories that question fundamental laws – it is sure to create a few furrowing brows within the community because so much rests upon the stability of those foundational laws – better to ignore them until it becomes impossible to ignore them anymore.

The transmission behind Human Design which I sense sits as a foundation for the Gene Keys was a mystical experience and quite a profound one. Therefore anyone coming to this knowledge is asked to open their field of what is possible whether they are aware of the Human Design origin story or not.

Furthermore, it is often a great stretch for the majority to accept the simple fact that you can define someone’s electromagnetic make-up and perception from their birth time and location. I would season this by saying that the world is not as fixed as it appears to be – or rather it is as fixed as you make it through your choices. If you are solely reliant upon the mind – your worldview will by definition become narrower.

Consider throwing a pack of cards onto the floor – it might appear random how they fell but if you were filtered/conditioned to only see the fours or the Red’s on each throw you would begin to recognise a pattern. Someone else might be attuned to the Clubs and the fives. This touches upon our uniqueness and Human Design offers you a glimpse into how your cognition of reality operates. We may have been born to perceive threes but our outside influences have conditioned us to perceive sixes as more important than threes – consider how unnatural that is for us. 

Human Design is a most profound knowledge – it is a catalyst for growing your awareness and maturing into your natural role. Most religions are dead or dying – they are far less relevant to the times we are living through now – they hold us to a tribal pattern of behaviour that no longer serves us – we are entering an era of uniqueness and differentiation. 

An outside body cannot validate my own experiences – that is counter-intuitive to my lived experience. Simply following a formula of strategy and authority naturally exposes our own Inner Authority. It would take a monumental effort for me to counter these habitual strategies now that I know their effects and how they feel when they move through my body especially considering the experiences that follow when I ignore them. My readings touch upon this aspect – this unique perception of travel that we all witness differently.

It is through this embodied experience of both these two systems (as well as all the many other religious and occult systems I have played with during my life of seeking) that the intuitive synthesis of my “readings” are formulated carrying the cognitive perspective of a 5/1 mental projector (guide) on the same cross as Ra – the Clarion which means the 51st hexagram sits as my life’s work.

In the Gene Keys the 51 has a keynote of awakening and awakening by its very nature is shocking because essentially it has the capacity to jump/bump you from one frequency band to another without warning – that is the nature of shock. It puts you in new terrain but potentially still wearing your old clothes… the nature of shocks are that they carry the potential for deep transformation.

My readings are gently couched in the words and systems of Human Design and the Gene Keys and the inherent potential of the message within each reading comes from the frequency of my own authenticity and experience – and it is this individual authenticity that is at the centre of all uniqueness – without it whose voice are we really speaking with?

If you need a certified practitioner they offer great value and will be able to tell you about your strategy and Authority and many other aspects of Human Design and the Gene Keys and you can find them almost anywhere in the world.

Let me be clear, I offer no guarantees about your success because ultimately it is up to you to put it into practice – but if this feels like a calling to you… to learn more about how you can navigate the world and transmute suffering into awareness in your life and to come to the experience of how that actually works then can I suggest:

Take a day or two to contemplate where you are now and maybe present me with a question that feels deeply personal and alive within you that potentially answered could alleviate a great deal of pressure and resistance from your life if only you knew the answer?

With that question, I can then tailor a reading for you based upon your unique design and cognition.