What is Mutation

Mutation is a driving force of change… it is not uncommon to begin having thoughts about the survival of the fittest and Charlie Darwin when entertaining the sport of mutation as a contemplation. The genetic programme that on the surface at the mundane level brings us a way to see and witness how those forces work themselves through into the world – we can begin to map certain patterns about what came first – what lasted and what didn’t. We see it out there – we have even mapped this to our own human line – the movement from “killer monkeys” toward a civilised society and yet at the same time – we base those same theories and interpretations upon our measurements – from fossils up to and including the systems that have been developed collectively to bring out that possibility of experience of entertaining and believing in facts and fictions brought about by the illusion of our separateness. 

No fact is ever forever… facts, like fossilised thoughts – point to something in the memory, collective or otherwise – something that was once present and held as a pattern but in the world of illusion – and we live in a world of illusion – our measurements change over time – because time changes us – it changes our perceptions. Our moods change based upon what environment we are in – who we are with – who we are not with – all of these are part of the growth of order and we are growing into them constantly and ceaselessly even in our sleep and dreams. A measurement of our moods are our feelings.

Now – it has been suggested that our awareness is mutating and that it has mutated for billions of years. If we consider the mutation of our forms that is the human form for example – it is proposed in some circles that we moved out of water – then onto land and on and on… and that there were forks in the road – here and there into this and that and what came out of that was all this variation we see today on this planet – the thousands and thousands and hundred of millions of species – billions and billions of mutations and what we witness today are the ones that made it – in our present life as we witness it today we get to experience a slice of time within the mutation – consider for a moment the variations on this rock we call earth are immense – and not even the greatest sceptic could deny that if they but stopped for long enough to gaze into the eternity of any moment or form. 

What was so dominant in the mutations of form early on was the theme was survival – the instinctive existential moment by moment development of survival through the form principle. This flesh and meat aspect that interacts with the other physical aspects that we sense all around us. I often consider the snake when considering this first awareness – a splenic awareness with its accuracy to strike unreservedly when the moment comes – so instinctive – that has developed out of this need to survive – the fear of extinction underpinned that intelligence that today we take for granted in our bodies – much like all of those things in the linear past that led to our capacity to be in this experience today as unique as it is – it truly wasn’t as evolved as this in the past – we are built upon this open intelligence – it runs our bodies – regulates our immune systems – all of these processes that were developed over a very very very long time – through repetition and more repetition until something was perfected and it was recorded into the form and then there were those mutations that were not written into the form because they died out but I’d imagine they are written somewhere into the junk dna, recorded and waiting perhaps for their unique timing – nature is deeply efficient and nothing gets wasted – so whatever form it ultimately takes will be perfected when it comes about – but it is enought to say that those negative mutations that didn’t make it are just as much a part of us as the current winning mutational line for without negative space we could not see what is form. 

So we could say that the first awareness was driven by this fear for survival of the form to stay alive – beating its genetic inherency through the heart of history into an evolving consciousness – a variated consciousness – growing into the unbroken continuance that lead to the next stage of awareness – and although it “appears that growth moves linearly” in sequence it may not be entirely true but it has that appearance of truth for our second awareness – the mental – thinking mind that allows us to perceive in linear dimensions… in lines of correspondence and communication.

A big clue for archeologists to measure if something was built by humans in the past is that it usually contained straight lines – think today about how our cities and buildings reflect how we think.

The second awareness is based upon our ability to encompass more than just the existential moment of survival – it carries a differentiated memory and memory gives us access to linearity and sequence. To be brief we could begin to map the stars and celestial objects – we could begin to communicate in ways that record our experiences to others and further down the line to other generations – this is the mental plane – leading to mental awareness an amazing tool – just look at where we are now… it brought us to a position whereby we could begin to mutate the maya indirectly using tools – we no longer had to wait for evolution to evolve the form – the evolution of the form had changed our consciousness and it had given us the ability to think and that allowed us to manipulate the form/ illusion through tools made out of form – we could begin to use tools to make things and record things. Our language and our measurements began to impinge upon the maya and change it indirectly. Language is more powerful than we can possibly imagine. You are reading something that is literally coding the maya through your receipt of it.

Suddenly we could play with time’s linearity in abstract ways – so it brought form mutation through thinking about the form and then manifesting something new into the form through action… in order to cement our survival and the perception of dominating the illusion through action. Mind after all with its ability to measure is about manipulating the form using the light of our ideas – and those ideas and those thoughts are part of the same evolutionary force that mutated the form to keep life moving in matter during the age of splenic awareness… except it is on a slightly different plane of dimension – it can hold all of time and space as an idea but for it to actually mutate the form it still needs cycles – to bring those forms about – ideas have their own processes of trial and error and when the correct thought or linear sequence of thoughts come together – they have the potential to create a tool that allows us to manipulate our environment and ultimately the illusion we count as reality. 

And yet as we now know and are finding out – mental awareness can get us caught up into all sorts of entanglements if we get stuck by fixing our identity in the mental realm alone. The mental capacity of all human forms is a profound emergence within the maya – it has opened us up to a new perspective of the maya – that which appears as form and yet remains illusory when measured in depth – our scientists testify to this which highlights the greatest power of the mind – and what makes it stand out as a tool is the ability it has to measure – the ability to measure the maya – the illusion. We don’t get identified with our measuring sticks and the numbers on those measuring sticks – a tip to using the mind and not getting too entangled within those realms alone – are to treat all thoughts as a shared resource – without getting possessive about them – they are not yours!

So in the beginning of the second awareness we started off with very crude measurements and now we are measuring the emptiness of space itself – we have built tools that can measure the maya in the most incredible ways – this is all part of the evolution of this awareness potential. The smallest unit of measurement is the plank constant – I am not sure of its size… ha ha – it is not like we can experience it directly through our form-senses the same way we can watch a sunset. Can a sunset be measured…? (a little hint about the next awareness that is coming and mutating out of our existing mental awareness). 

I love the fact that the smallest unit of measurement is called the planck because you see crudely speaking… and this is very crude – string theory is a theory that wants to tie the illusion together and it says in a very complex way that when you have a single string – there isn’t actually anything there – even though there is a single string there – but when those strings begin to fflock together – you begin to get something – the illusion is built upon a juxtaposition of things – it is in the space in between everything that the projection takes place – so if you put enough planks together (ha ha) something gets built. 

So to keep this short – the takeaway is that mind awareness is limited because it is somewhat linear in its measurement and so it can only measure those things outside of us in the maya – using our external senses – but we cannot experientially embody those measurements. We do not have the eyes to see those frequencies without external tools – we can build those tools of measurement but we cannot actually measure those frequencies of emptiness ourselves without those tools because our form has not evolved to allow us to do so yet – this is why we build tools to allow us to manipulate the form and extend our awareness further into it – by doing so we actually influence the maya. Splitting atoms is a very significant act!

And now – we are on the cusp of a new awareness – time measures past and future and to some extent the present – but the thing is everything grows in cycles – even our ideas grow in cycles even if we think we think in straight lines – it is our feelings that allow us to come into sympathy with the form process of evolution and creation and embody the seasons and the cycles experientially. 

When a huge number of cycles align (i.e the start and end points of a cycle of varying planets or consider the cogs of different sizes within a clock – there are times that they will all line up – when the number of revolutions within all the smaller and larger cycles fit into one another… when this happens it all starts again and they begin to differentiate out again into their own orbits – like the sunrise and the sunset – there is a window that can create a wormhole is the illusion of space itself of pure potential beneath the surface and the possibility of a grand shift – cycles are ceaseless and they are timely and they are consistently taking place – we cannot stop movement and all movement is cyclic. When we learn to surrender into and embody life instead of attempting to control it from the surface we will begin to glimpse these miracles.

This cyclic awareness is the basis of what we are beginning to realise as part of the new form mutation that allows us now to hold the consciousness of this new awareness – there is a form mutation that is taking place – that is shifting our consciousness now. 

Through feeling we communicate far more information – through the aura there is a huge amount of chemistry taking place – emotion is a delivery system and a receiving system for this new awareness. So if a picture is with a thousand words then a feeling is worth a thousand pictures – feelings contain a depth to them that incorporate cycles of time and experience into them – they are not just a linear recording in time but the movement through time in experience and space recorded as super-memory – this depth is deeply significant for our next evolution. This awareness is growing out of our solar plexus – which has more interconnections than the brain – the seat of the second awareness.

If we cast our memory back to the second renaissance – behind it perhaps you might be able to discern that more emotion was brought into the artistic forms that changed the feelings of the observer – it carried more information. The thing about emotion is that it moves in waves – we experience it over a cycle of time – there are emotionally defined people in the world and they are always going up and down and up and down and up and down in their moods – we are also moved collectively and tribally in these waves… each wave carries a chemistry and charge of information with it that operates beneath the surface in our unconscious and we are coming into a time when we developing an awareness of this chemistry within us – not as an external tool and it is going to bring us to a place where it will be far more difficult to hide our feelings! 

There are forces at work constantly animating the maya – and it is very easy to get caught up in the illusion only on the surface – this prevents us from being able to use this new awareness to penetrate through the confusion of what life is all about – we are unable to see the mechanism of the clocks within us and those outside us – that constantly wind us up and down quite literally again and again in waves of despair and joy or some way between. As we begin to become aware of this movement and embody it without the need to react to it or fix it – we will begin to get glimpses beneath the line of this new awareness as it unfolds into life.

Ultimately we are moving into a time where the new awareness will be about manipulating the maya itself – not so much with tools but through surrendering to it as the form changes. All the cycles are lining up for a grand form-mutation to house this new awareness – so let’s not get all mental about it – because it is going to be through embodiment that this happens – if we try to process this through the mind alone we will get fried because it cannot be measured with the old mental awareness – it doesn’t have the dimensional capacity that the solar plexus does! 

So first, we have to learn to surrender to the maya – to the cycles that have brought us here to this experience now – where we are – living out what we are living – having the experiences we are having. If we are unable to surrender to the form to direct us through this transition we might go the way of the dinosaur or the dodo and that is just the way it is… that’s life and that’s the illusion of life – there’s no morality in it – there is only where we are and if we always start from where we are – we have a better chance of surrendering to the waves without hoping to be at the top or fearing the bottom – because all life is always moving always and this dimension is going to bring that into our awareness. Life is not going to stop just because you think it’s personal. It could be that you find your greatest inspirations at the bottom of the wave but because you never wanted to be there you spent all your energy complaining or trying to fix yourself to the top rather than using that beautiful melancholy at the bottom to mutate you as it was designed to do. It’s important to identify with our process in life but not to cling to that identity when it no longer serves us. Flow is just that… and when we can surrender to the majesty of life and the gift of the experience of life whatever it might be – we will begin to see beneath the surface into the power of a chemistry we didn’t even know we had!

Suspend your disbelief for a week – pretend you are in your own movie for a week – experiment with life… what have you got to lose except all that seriousness?

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