What is Uniqueness Land? [a clarity of purpose]…

Uniqueness land was born out of an idea of Awakening out of the old habitual patterns of the past that have been taken in over the lifetime and beyond that to the flowering of awareness through surrender to an inner intelligence that comes from within. Once begun in earnest this awakening grows through many interconnected steps along the journey moving through doubts and indecisions about one’s own survival and sometimes is in stark opposition to our minds conditioning to how we have learned to filter the world in discrete concrete systems and structures that we have taken in and embodied as our compass and navigational tools in order to fit into the collective and tribal ways we are confronted with daily in the environment around us.

“This is the way” to quote the Mandolorians… but there always comes a point in any period of growth when the prevailing conditions no longer support our growth but rather they become the very fuel for our potential to grow beyond the current system. This can be seen in any creative process – there comes a point at which something new and unifying arises within us but if we are truly honest – it’s not me – rather it is a timing and alignment of oh so many seemingly disparate forces and objects that have passed before me that had no seemingly obvious logical connections – and yet they have suddenly come together in an unmistakable unique expression from somewhere far deeper inside us – a place of knowing. When does a painter know when to stop… if they are listening deeply enough they will realise knowingly there is nothing left to add.

What kicks this off is the point of invention – when something “new” enters the world – it is invariably without question founded upon the old but strung together in such wildly unique relationships and composition – that it literally attracts a magical force that summons all past limitations and unifies them into something original that converts all that past resistance into a new enriching soil that nurtures a completely new foundation supporting the next period of growth. Like lightning – it has the power to unite the inner and outer worlds and forever fuse them into a new way of filtering the world. That which seemed impossible suddenly becomes the very ground upon which we find ourselves walking – coming as naturally to us as our past resistances came to us.

We all carry unique seeds within us and our life circumstances provide the perfect conditions to unravel the ideas within those seeds and enact them through the world of form. Ideas appear to be very mental because they are formless but they carry the codes to mould form – they are after all part of the same expression only at a different stage of growth. The old classic saying that the oak arises out of the acorn is not just a metaphor – there is a uniqueness within each seed that is bound to its environment and cannot be separated from that environment – there is no time outside of form… but when that seed begins to unfurl itself and run its codes through form – it literally creates time and becomes bound to it through its environment.

We are all seeds and we carry within us this ability to cede our uniqueness into the collective weave of time and form through our awareness. This ability comes through witnessing when we are acting from our uniqueness and when we aren’t. It involves a deep ruthless gentle honesty that penetrates our body and our being. We don’t actually know what is contained in each cede until it begins to grow inside us along with our awareness and through this process of letting go of the control of needing to be in charge… it shows us what we are capable of through the new possibilities that come out of us and yet it also remains a mystery because we come to realise that it is not really us doing this instead we begin to witness that this process is way beyond our comprehension – but there is always a beauty in our place within the whole that we can fully embrace that fulfils us beyond any need to understand any more than that.

It is the end of greed – we come instead to understand that so long as we are being faithful to our uniqueness – we always have enough and it always resolves even when we cannot see how it might resolve – the world is alive and immediate to our needs way beyond the needs we have conjured in our minds. The more we move through this alchemical process of accepting the fates – the more we transmute our feeling of emptiness and aloneness into a deepening purpose that goes to work on releasing our cede.

Uniqueness land then is an outgrowing of this cede into the world of form… in some way it is taking the old systems that are no longer working and alchemically transforming them into something new. This cannot be worked out with the mind. So for now – it is a space into which something is emerging from the processes of those who feel called to participate in this frequency of endeavour. It will challenge the systems already in place that have supported us up to this point only because they are now being outgrown – so they will either suffocate us or provide us with the fuel to grow beyond them into something with a completely different philosophy and filtering of reality about what is truly possible. This challenge is not something to be done – it simply moves through us at the appropriate time. The labels to describe where uniqueness land is headed have not been invented yet – that is in a way the purpose of uniqueness land – an alchemical space in which to witness the process of group transformation of awareness.

So the motivation beneath the line – contained in each cede who joins the field is to unfurl their light from beneath the line until it reaches above the line into the world of form whilst witnessing at whatever level we can discern it how our group fractal alignment or geometry also emerges this collective project from the unseen into the seen by slowly through the fates exposing our hidden agendas until there isn’t any agenda left revealing instead the innate existing lines of natural creative mechanics at work. 

Each person who steps into their uniqueness with awareness and chooses to experiment earnestly with this new paradigm of the creative process will bring something unique into the field as we all shift continuously together in our alignments adding a collective elasticity way beyond any single vision or form – and coming to know this feeling of absolute beauty that can only be felt from being in and living out our unique form. 

We come to understand that we cannot see the steps ahead until they reveal themselves and more often than not our ability to appreciate them and imbibe their beauty comes from how much awareness we have given to facing those moments of challenge with open-hearted self-honesty when we were not really in control and filled with uncertainty… Moving through these significant challenges with awareness our experiences begin to rewire us to feel the gratitude for being given the gift of enjoyment possible through those impossible moments and the emerging relief that comes from not having to be in control of it all anymore!

Uniqueness land is simply an idea of a place to play, explore, meet and interact with others as we walk our individual journeys along this extraordinary path of life that allows us to express the flavours that are unique to each of us and our life circumstances. 

All may find it easier to navigate if they leave their expectations at the door… for expectations are best aligned with logical and strategic movement through life… whereas here we navigate through embracing the fates – using them as our signposts for they hold the direction to unleash our deepest codes of our uniqueness to grow beyond what seems possible. The only strategy here is to uncover what uniqueness truly is for each of us individually and grow an organic collective awareness that embraces the unknown as a directional force of evolution.

Uniqueness land has the idea of a shop to begin with – it is a current yet ageing system of doing “business” and this particular example may take off but it may not. But that is not the point – because even if it takes off… for it to fully succeed it would need to grow beyond what the idea of a shop is which means it is waiting for the fates to cross it’s path because they will provide the very conditions to align perfectly into a new direction that has the potential to break those past restrictions turning them into something altogether new and empowering. If awareness grows with the shop then it will be clear when to let go of the form of a shop and embrace the potential that has always waited patiently beneath it…

Everything has the potential to be the form and the outgrowing cede of a new system – and it is a simple strategy – always start from where we are – because there is no other place to be – it is from here that we can experience the deepest beauty not from there – when there arrives here – we will already be drinking it in for the ambrosia it is.

A possible metaphor for Uniqueness land is an “unbounded jigsaw” that grows with each new piece that locks into place. There will be holes here and there and yet it can always grow outwards – but there is never a final picture – only a continuously changing one because finality is always preceded and followed by something new – if it wasn’t life would be deeply dull – we can always go deeper into something – this is a law of mystery – life cannot not yield itself open to that which lies beneath it – if we are patient enough and build enough awareness to open its mysteries – there is nothing that cannot be kept secret in this whole universe of wonder and to live life with this as a core tenant – is how we enrich our lives beyond measure!

So as each new person arrives and joins their puzzle-piece of awareness into the existing awareness within the jigsaw field – something far deeper and more mysterious will occur and the greater picture will change with each new connection – these are simple metaphors of the values that underpin uniqueness land held up by great pillars of alchemy and awakening that already exist when we simply pass through uncertainty with trust until one day we realise there is more trust that uncertainty… and then, well – might it become about turning around and going the other way again again back into uncertainty!!! 

Uniqueness land is not built on promises – it is built upon appreciation of that which already exists and the recognition that it’s always going to change!

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