What happens if you start from a place of recognition?

The paradigm is shifting and the numbers of dissatisfaction at work are clear. The uprising of people preferring to stay out of work rather than work for a corporate model that does not actually value the unique potential of its workforce: what could possibly be the cause of such unorderly behaviour? Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among 15 – 29 year-olds – its quite a statement to contemplate.

The pace of technology has picked up and continues to drive us but it is limited in its capacity – there are a finite number of resources in any system and our world lives within a finite and limited material resource – our planet – people are also one of those resources. The laws of nature always balance themselves out for good or for bad – it’s our minds that add the labels.

When deep changes take place in the world they are usually driven by ideals – one of the ideals of technology was so that people could have more leisure time in order to pursue those elements of their life that really fascinated them – outside the hard slog. The industrial revolution was born out of this ideal of support. And it is true – technology has made a huge number of mundane tasks far more efficient but this has not been transferred to everyone. The speed of communication and information exchange now is unparalleled in history but there remains beneath those ideals a prevailing stream of consciousness that still persists and a shift is coming. 

The level of “striking” in the world has risen significantly since COVID landed. It is perhaps the rarest thing in the world that arises without cause and it might not be a considerable stretch to predict that those strikes will continue growing until they deeply impact the efficiency of our industries and our support networks. The widening disparity between the sublimely well-off and the rest of the world is a strong indicator of how this ideology of sharing has been truncated to limit the actualisation of abundance within the world that was promised by those older and more recent global innovations. 

It could be argued that competing pressure for profit motivates and fuels greed and ambition on a daily basis – and that pressure has to go somewhere but it doesn’t always have to equal “more” – it can equal just the right amount. 

We all know when we have eaten too much – the body tells us in no uncertain terms. There is an innate intelligence within us that we have access to and it does not come from what we think – it comes from what we feel. We all have this inner intelligence – that we likely chose to ignore at some point until it got so quiet we forgot it was there. Rather we became bound up in this growing unexplainable sense of dissatisfaction, frustration and bitterness about the world. Where did that come from?

One of the popular myths that keeps the machine going is that if things broke down we would all return to our base instincts of killer monkeys and we are too afraid to test this theory. This can be seen clearly each time the banks and big corp get bailed out – they are supported by the governments for fear of the consequences of the system imploding and a loss of the illusion of control. Slap a few new laws to stop them behaving in such a greedy manner again for a few years in order to maintain the illusion of control over natural forces before the greed rearises and those same laws get revoked by the same governments.

The corporations have great power and responsibility – and right now it could be suggested that power and greed appear to be the ruling forces – holding the majority share in how that pressure is getting played out collectively. Corporations have risen to such epic proportions that a new phrase has emerged with increasing frequency – “too big to fail” – a term that perhaps encapsulates beautifully the ignorance of arrogance or the arrogance of ignorance – maybe both apply? Is it even possible to change these empty institutional structures on the outside or does it call us to navigate from a new radical perspective – change from within and if so how?

Those values we sit upon collectively, we also carry them within us – and most of them are not ours – sure we took them in but they do not fit our individual uniqueness – most of them live upon old traditions that were built in a different age and epoch and some of them are coming to an end as all things do. All real freshness comes from mutation and change – it is a very deep force and when we align with it – it can bring us to witness a perfection of timing in life that works as if my magic – if we are not too busy being sequestered by the latest fashionable trend that actually isn’t serving our uniqueness. 

A core theme of our conditioning is to survive above all else – out of a sense of needing to navigate this world of disempowerment. We learned a particular way to defend ourselves against the world using our minds as protector and navigator when we did not have the resources or experience we may have now – and in that time our minds have learned to defend themselves from feeling the pain of living in such an aggressive world and there came a point for all of us at which we each individually empowered our minds to take unequivocal control in all probability during our adolescence.

Beneath it all though there is a question you might like to ask yourself if you feel inclined: can you trust yourself and if you can – what are those values that you trust in yourself when threatened and which ones don’t you trust? 

There will be a whole bunch of memories sitting under the edge of your awareness that with a little poking could begin your path off the highway of disempowerment but it takes boldness. It can begin now or maybe you could put it off until you have all the resources you think you need – but beware of the trixy mind, especially if it looks like there are only a few more things to get or attain that will finally get you to that security your mind tells you is possible out there!

True lasting empowerment isn’t to be found through fitting into another new suit or job that does not feel comfortable; it comes from a sober analysis of who you are beneath the surface and if you haven’t been long in this corporate world yet and are fresh out of your homogenised education really take time to consider how you want to live your life because life is deeply mutable when you come to truly trust it – it can bend in ways your mind cannot and instead of fearing it – you always have an opportunity to embrace all your fears as they lead you back to your uniqueness.

Fear is at the root of all intelligence and challenge is a part of discovering that intelligence. When blame is not the medium that wields it – it can lead to empowerment, aspiration, inspiration and innovation that actually allow you to relax and feel more comfortable living your life – not so much the outer comforts although these may appear but an inner comfort that actually attracts and aligns you with that outer comfort in the world that your mind can never fix for you.

The stress and constriction that comes from doing something and serving something that does not actually fit your core motivation and determination can slowly recede as you find yourself moving toward those people that truly value your voice, your deeds and who you feel comfortable being beneath all that pretence and you won’t have to try – because when you align with your core motivations what you need shows up – this is the power of integrity and honour and all those fabled words we see in the great stories written throughout history.

We are all connected in ways we cannot possibly fathom and science will never be able to get there alone because certain revelations can only come through lived experience. We are part of the equation and we have far more power than we realise – but not the power to manipulate or control that comes from making decisions with the mind: that type of power leads to self-imposed loops – no… it comes from trust and surrender – and this type of power cannot be bought for all the money in the world!

There is a chemistry at work in the world that underwrites how we interpret it – it is ongoing – it is ceaseless – it is our programming from the moment we are conceived to the moment we die – it limits us and yet it also has the power to liberate us. 

Don’t get me wrong – it is not always love and light – but the same chemistry that fuels the survival instinct is the same chemistry that can actually nurture us. When it is not caught up in the nonsensical meanderings of half-cocked unfiltered conditioning we have taken in – it can actually provide us with the balance that allows us to let go of the thirsty hunger to compete and survive that deposits so much tension into our bodies. It can feed us in other ways. 

We have been living in a strategic world so long that our engagement with it finds us unable to trust the outer world. This distrust of the outer world comes from a distrust within us – it is a quantum position we have frozen into our chemistry and so whenever we come across that particular sequence however it might play itself out in the outer world we react to the same chemistry within us rather than allowing it to pass through into a release of chemicals that leads to the natural transformation of greater resources within us that come to be recognised by those who value our integrity.

An alternative revolution begins to present itself that does not demand mining the outer world for all its resources – we already have all the resources we need for a fulfilling life within us. Choosing to take a step toward mining our own uniqueness can begin to change how we filter the world and that change in how we filter the world – changes the world itself. It’s chemistry – we cannot escape our chemistry but we can change how we interpret and experience it.

Oh it takes determination but it doesn’t have to be hard – the more you jump in and let go of your mind the quicker you will find your way back to the magic that truly sits behind your life – but it is not a quick fix – although it is a progressive one and the results are self-evident – but it does requires engagement and commitment to find out!

I started this post with an idea that I wanted to put forward before getting carried away on what seems to be a bit of a rant! 

The vision was in imagining a job board that was not constructed in order to fit everyone into an homogenised other person’s conditioned worldview; about “selling” yourself to the other because if you ever find yourself trying hard to sell yourself  to anyone – it could be a very clear indication that you are not comfortable with who you are. It will come easy when it is right.

Rather, a job board that operates through recognition as the driving and entry point. A catalogue of uniqueness where people recognise each other for who they are. Talents choose to work together not for profit as the main agenda but to explore those areas of their uniqueness in more and more depth that really resonates. Organic growth.

The message here is that our underlying chemistries are already organised to support such enterprises that could grow out of this kind of culture – it simply requires reframing yourself a little to make decisions with your body and not your mind. And that could be when just the right amount of resources show up at the right time from others who may feel the same recognition and value. A potent mix as untested as the end of the economy. And when it happens to you – it gets embodied in your chemistry and your life shifts how it takes the world in – there is less need for control.

Navigating this way you will still find things that don’t work out but you might begin to gain clarity and indicators about what is not really meant for you and if you install and learn to operate from this core within yourself – you’ll already be a step closer to tasting the fruits of how alive and intelligent the world truly is when you let it direct you rather than trying to control it. That is a very tasty place to be with just enough challenge to keep you motivated!

Recognition is fruitful and it does not incur debt. If you begin from a place of recognition you will always be operating from a place of credit because you are being engaged for who you are and how you naturally see the world. If you wish to be recognised for who you are then you need to act from that integral place within you – which is unique for everyone. 

The world recently gave birth to another new technology: AI and it is already challenging copyrighting laws. We are seeing the emergence and potential birth of a new style of copyright/credit system that may transform the old scarcity fear model of not getting credit for your work into being recognised for your unique interpretation of something that already exists. Have you ever considered why two different images show up for two different people using the same engine in an AI simulation – this is the quantum at work.

Success will arise out of your authenticity as it will be your unique interpretation that is valued. Uniqueness by its very nature cannot be copied – it is always original. More really will be “more” when you begin to feel recognised but it will come on the inside and nurture you from within with a life-force that was designed to empower you and the ensuing taste of abundance will be undeniable.

It can be tough and a big hard pill to swallow particularly when starting out and beginning to question your conditioning but, you may find a way to discover true and fulfilling empowerment through life if you commit to it with the same commitment you currently invest in your survival and fitting into a world that does not feel comfortable. 

What’s the alternative? A revolution followed by a new hierarchy of power above you? You can choose to live from where you are right now and let it lead you from beneath the line – from the source of all magic through experience and experimentation and bring you into alignment with a truth behind these words and that truth won’t be universal it will be tailored uniquely to your own interpretation of the world and your experiences! These are just words – it is you who brings them alive.

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