What’s all this about the Fractal?

Pressure. Pressure, pressure pressure.

Consider the breaking of a crystal – it shatters from a single point and it tears through the weakest points. What remains after the shattering? Lots of little crystals of various shapes and sizes – it doesn’t shatter into infinitesimal parts of the same dimensions does it?

If you were to theoretically glue all those pieces back together you would find that you were glueing along all the fractal lines – from the smallest to the biggest all the way back to the centre. Leaving out any one piece would leave it incomplete.

Now – if you were to map all the paths of all the pieces back to the centre – you would find that the centre was contained within every fractal path. And all those pieces at the very edge of the crystal – that make up the outside of it – would only have one single shortest path directly back to the centre – one fractal line – but they could meander their way back – all roads lead to Rome.

Those other pieces surrounding and adjacent to the centre would be part of more fractals than those further out. If there were just two pieces surrounding the centre – you might consider they would be in 50% of the paths each but only if the crystal was split in complete uniformity – very very very very very very very rare – I’d imagine! 

Also worth considering is that the centre would not necessarily be at the very centre of the crystal, i.e consider the central weakest point at which the crystal shattered was actually much lower down the crystal and closer to the bottom than the top then all those paths on the lower edge of the crystal would be much shorter to get back to the centre than those at the top.

And if you were to have the opportunity to shatter the same crystal more than once would it always shatter along those same lines? It may depend upon the striking point at which the pressure hits the crystal and the environment that surrounds it.

For our purposes in this contemplation – consider the crystal shattered. We will look at piecing it back together by introducing the life and the death cycle.

Consider our age-old friend Time for a moment as periodicity is key to understanding cycles of all kinds and as I have stated before – there is no such thing as Time – only cycles. In life, they are looking for an opportunity to close – in Death they are looking for an opportunity to open. 

If you are reading or listening to these words – you are alive, congratulations…! Which means you inherently have an opportunity to find your place along your fractal path. If and when you navigate correctly you naturally align with your fractal line and subsequently your centre – which is the centre. 

Every choice you ever make is a navigational step… it moves you in a certain direction and it can either open a cycle or close a cycle of time. “Time” requires energy… so when you make decisions you are fueling a cycle. If that cycle is correct for you it will begin to close those cycles that move you further away from your naturally aligned place within the fractal and your energy will begin to return because the closer you get to your fractal the easier life becomes mostly because you find yourself among those who value your size, shape and position naturally – you fit without having to be something you are not – you are rather praised and respected for who you are. The energy that goes into upholding the image of who you are expected to be can collapse. Ah, relief!!! 

Arriving back into your fractal – will automatically begin to transform your energy into magnetising those within your fractal back to you because the energy you have closed down from wandering around in death cycles will actually be redirected towards your natural alliances in life and you will begin to live out what you seeded in the death cycle to be lived and experienced.

If you don’t believe me – that’s fine… but if it’s just your mind disagreeing with me maybe try navigating without your mind for a while and begin listening to your body instead and you might begin to discover what draws you back to your fractal is magic: the glue that brings forth life.

Pressure moves through life, opening and closing cycles in waves… it is there to keep things moving. It can build up and it can recede. If we navigate correctly those pressures provide us with exactly what we need at exactly the right time – the energy of the collective field piecing itself back together again and we can begin to unite with the larger cycles of life that move through our wider field. When we are moved by these cycles we get to see the world uniquely as ourselves and are nourished by the awareness we share with the field just by being who we were born to be. And… as your awareness opens to the wider field it grows in ways your mind could not possibly imagine nor predict.

There are a number of tips available to help us on this journey and they are sourced from this very same mystical knowledge that underlies fractal awareness and the mechanics of life. One of these is the position in the sky of Jupiter 88 days before you were born. I said it was mystical right – it is also very heretical if you cared to delve deep enough.

But, to give you a simple analogy based upon the shattering of the crystal – consider all those forces outside the crystal that determine how it might break into pieces – there is only one way that it will break and the position of the planets is a way of measuring the forces that go into the unique shattering of the crystal – there is a predictive element to it as it is based upon a closed system – that of your life cycle… it has its own periodicity – it leads to your death and a closing of your life cycle. 

DNA sequences and so does everything else in life. When you get down to it, pressure, sequencing and patterns carry all the answers you could ever need but the other way to find answers is to simply live your life uniquely as yourself and everything you ever need to know or experience will come to you – again it just requires letting go of your mind’s insistence upon being in control. What a doozy!

If you are interested in learning more about what Jupiter could possibly have to do with you finding your fractal or how to listen correctly to your body then you can research it, intuit it or maybe wait and find out if I ever follow this article with another one!!! Ha har!!!

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