Unique is… Unique

The thing about uniqueness is that it is unique – it simply is. You cannot make ‘unique’ any more unique than it already is – it sits beneath and it extends beyond measurement. You can tell someone they are not being unique but is there any truth to that?

Through contemplating this statement it occurs to me that homogenised conditions can be placed around that uniqueness: if you drag a magnet across an impressionable surface enough times it begins to take on the same lines of magnetic force – but beneath that – the uniqueness is incorruptible. Those lines of conditioning can equally be reconditioned – our uniqueness cannot. 

The mind identifies with those winds of magnetic force taking on the conditioning in response to those forces through experiments and experiences based upon measurements and reaction yet our uniqueness comes from the deepest place within us – it comes from our imprint into form and it comes with a dubious task: to grow through that conditioning and use it as feed and compost so that we might get to taste the succour of our truly unique fruits – the embodiment of our awareness. Our uniqueness is carried within the seed of our being.

Ah – but the conditioning is strong – it needs to be! We are being magnetised into the maia through the guidance of gaia – we are being taught the rules so that we can break them later and embody their meaning and original intent… so we forgot ourselves in order that we might find ourselves again. 

So we dive deep into the conditioning fields or we step tentatively to begin with perhaps but eventually we all lose our stable connection to our uniqueness and wake up shipwrecked from our roots wandering dusty roads in foreign lands along different fractal lines. But the journey we have followed and the places we have seen always contain our unique reflection and when we begin to recognise it we can begin our journey home and this is the journey of awareness.

It is expressed without agenda, and follows a natural path that flows organically – like a weed breaking through the tarmac – it can find its way from anywhere without effort. When the correct conditions for its expression emerge from a place of recognition and absence of blame it will lead back to the fractal of our uniqueness and our resistance to life will begin to disappear, replaced by synchronicity and awareness.

Resistance is fascinating. No amount of mind meandering can remove it… it can manifest in so many different ways and there are some wonderful words in the gene keys to describe, match and tag our states of resistance. Everyone has direct access to their uniqueness and their resistance – the journey of awareness borders these two lands and when followed with trust they lead us without the mind back to our seed purpose and understanding through blind synchronicities until we recognise ourselves in everything and everyone around us as the same and truly unique.

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