More is more: become a cede in the field…

It is unwritten how this might evolve and if it does evolve it cannot really be planned nor strategised as then it would lose its authenticity. Form forms around a generative force through magnetic attraction. If the conditions are right something will grow in that space – it will come alive. Cede at its root is the cultivation of a field, nurturing frequencies that align with the possibility of allowing life to order us and not us to order life.

There is a magical law that suggests control and synchronicity are on a scale. Control could be considered the yang force and synchronicity the yin force. If everything becomes too locked down, opportunity shrivels because all life everywhere is a balance of opposites always: flow moves and waits, interchanging with a season of rhythms – stagnation is a blocked rhythm that cannot express itself because the environment is not supportive of its expression.

Have you ever travelled? There is something so liberating about travelling somewhere you have never been and have very few expectations about. Why? Because, suddenly we enter a field of total openness and that allows for the magic of synchronicity to enter our lives again. The yin force of not knowing and allowing…

When we court life like a lover – we dance with it, moving with it – rather than remaining fixed and ordering it about us – control is useful during the death cycle when we are running out of vital force – we can come to pack our un-lived hopes, dreams and memories into another cycle… but if we are truly living – we don’t have to let go because it feels so natural to do so – it is not felt as loss because any emptiness is immediately filled with the joy and abundance for simple having the experience we are in – alone or together – it doesn’t matter because we feel connected to life itself – this is the source of abundance and we know it when we feel it because it allows us to feel whole and united with our environment be that people, places or things – we become a part of the scenery moving as one.

To walk horizontally upon the land without mining the depth of how extraordinary every moment can be we are in danger of going from place to place as destinations without drinking in the journey that offers us in every moment a way to taste life directly as unique and unrepeatable.

So – it is never too late, ever, to feel the natural rhythms of life and there are some very simple steps to exploring those steps. In fact the design of life is so extraordinary that magic is available to all of us uniquely through the very circumstances we face in every moment. You have all the resources you need to grow from where you are so long as you don’t have too many preconceptions about where you need to be or where you have come from.

So with that in mind – if you are interested in learning more about becoming involved with this project – there are essentially two main portals that ask you to relinquish any agenda: both join the organic growth of the project through integrating your skills and resources into the synarchy.

The aim being that everyone comes into balance with exactly what they need to thrive in their new life and balance out the debts holding them back from feeling the abundance from their old lives.