Questions of change: inspired by an emerging Community in Olot, Spain

I recently came across a community that is emerging in Olot, a Catalan community close to the Pyrenees near the East Coast Of northern Spain within a stone throw of the French border. What they were describing sounded familiar and it was not the words they used it was the lack of agenda that really… Continue reading Questions of change: inspired by an emerging Community in Olot, Spain


Contemplation Inbreath. The first act asks the participant to take in and receive the world around them through the lens of a leitmotif. To pause and linger for a moment and gaze gently into their life and explore the patterns of where/how the previous contemplations touch them and how they influence their perspective. It is… Continue reading STEP ONE

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the story of a hungry mind

Any system is limited. In order to function it requires boundaries; walls that define what’s allowed and what’s not. We live in a world where our scientists have taken this to heart and wield their measuring sticks like magical wands waving definition into reality with unrestrained fervour. Driven by a deep unresolved need to know,… Continue reading the story of a hungry mind

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The CEDE project arouses out of the rich fertile soil cultivated by another project: that has since passed into its death cycle. A wonderful project whose aims were to promote diversity and inclusion across the globe through a mosaical blend of art and awareness, offering a voice to the unspoken feelings we share as… Continue reading inspiration

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at the heart of creation…

Modern-day business is driven by the economy. To enter the world of business you don’t get far without a business plan and a key measurable to a business plan is profit. CEDE asks: Should investment and success be measured by profits? If you walk down the street of “modern economic business” with a heartfelt idea… Continue reading at the heart of creation…

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CEDE is about group transformation through ceding seeds of creativity, using three steps: Contemplation, Expression and Dedition with the potential to yield an optional fourth step of Enrichment.